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UI kit for common space web application – Concept Project

Hero Section Banner

We provide the client with UI variations of their home page. A/B tests are performed with both variations to see which one performs betters among their users. In this case, the hero section above performed better due to the majority of the users interacting with it went directly to click one of the call to action buttons. Results 76% of users interacted better with the hero section 1

Headers and Navigations

Navigation is really important for your website. It is how you present the most important links of your website so your users can quickly access different parts of your site. We presented the client with different options for black and dark color headers. Both have the same links and navigation styles but some results are more intuitive than others.  We then make our selection based on user performance with the headers. Seeing all the available quick navigation link ended up being the to-go option with this sample.

Content Presentation

How you present the content is very important to your users. It is critical that you implement the correct hierarchy when creating content. All headings, paragraphs images and buttons must be presented in an intuitive way so its easy for the user to understand the content and take the desired action.

Pricing Tables

Since this is a subscription-based service we designed different use cases for pricing tables. Option 2 ended up being the best-performing option. With over 74%  of higher CTR among tested users. This means that when users got to this section of the page, 74% of them are likely to convert due to the design and implementation of the call to action (CTA).


These numbers are not bulletproof of course over time design tendencies may change and we will have to implement some changes on the website to be tested again for performance and quality. The importance of doing user testing and design research helps your business save money and time by knowing what already works on your website. Our UI and UX services can help you make an intelligent decision for your business online presence based on data-driven insights acquired by our team.

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