Optimized and tested website design

With our UI & UX service, we run a series of steps that include, research, design, and testing that allows us to build a website that will make sense for your visitors and your business.

Why use our UI & UX services?

At JaviWebs we develop creative and innovative solutions that maximize user service satisfaction, website engagement, and conversions. Our products are built with the user in mind, making them easy to function and adapt to users’ requests. 

Case Studies

Concept project for a common space platform designed to share stories from successful individuals. Explore our concept project to create such a platform in a visually pleasant and intuitive way for its users.

Architecture Firm Website Redesign Wireframe

Planned redesign from UI and UX mockups. See the planning board we created for our clients and how it helped make their website faster and better with user research and testing.

Real State Website Design UI - Concept

Perfect for real estate agencies’ website design or realtors. This UI concept for real estate is already tested for user performance. Version for mobile and desktop available.

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