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Wolfberg Alvarez and Partners

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The Goal

Their old website was lacking functionality and responsiveness. They were literally loosing clients because of their web presence. Our task was simple, create a new modern, and attractive website that would display the company image along with their most recognized projects, awards and team members.

The Client

Wolfberg Alvarez and Partners is a top award-winning architecture firm in Miami. With over 400 projects globally. WA is a recognized architecture firm in the city of Coral Gables they have build some awesome projects all around Florida and have partnered up with big companies like NASA and international school for project development.
Wolfberg Alvarez - Miami Architects Firm


This website resulted in a beautiful creation with attention to detail and having the user in mind. Everything is created to facilitate the user experience through the website. The website is fit for any audience, computer savvy or not. The client was very satisfied with the end result as it displays everything that he needs on his website. Future additions will be made as well as changes to the layout as we add more projects and more features to the website.

Simple Layout for Portfolio page

Their portfolio is composed of two pages, the full portfolio where they have all of their 300+ projects organized by categories, and the featured projects page which contains all their award-winning projects. The page keeps the alignment all along and it's fully responsive for all screen sizes.

Wolfberg Alvarez Portfolio

A look into the project page

The projects page is composed of a masonry gallery with the corresponding project descriptions and related projects. All projects have different gallery sizes but this does not represent a problem, the users left in charge of the website can easily add or remove images to the gallery of each project. Also, the dashboard has the custom post type for the portfolio so it is easy to add and remove or edit projects as the company keeps growing.

723 Lincoln Lane - Wolfberg Alvarez

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