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The Goal

This travel site is perfect for those who want to get a more personalized experience when traveling to a specific country. This website also serves as a blog or showcase to upload all the amazing places you have discovered. To use this template or make updates to it, contact me first I would be happy to make of this your personal website

The Client

This blog site was originally made for a special friend of ours that wanted to document and share with her followers her experiences while traveling and make a connection with people all around the world. The goal was to explore new cultures and give tips on travel and share about each country’s own culture.
Travel Site by Javi Webs – JavieWebs


The result was a clean and breathing website that was responsive. I achieved this result by using light colors, lots of whitespaces, and beautiful imagery. In this way, the visitor can already experience a bit of what it’s like to experience with this Travel Blog Services

The About Page I could Rescue

Beautiful website and beautiful design. I fell in love with this design since the proposal. Unfortunately, the client had to shut down their website. But I keep it in my subdomain to show in my portfolio. The website is as fast as it can be. Beautiful design and promotes engagement to its audience. It has counters to show the number of miles and travels taken. If you are looking to get a blog done or a similar website to this one done. You have come to the right place

About – Travel Site by Javi Webs

Top Destinations Gallery

This section was used to show how the owner made her travels and to show the highlights of her trips with a beautifully formatted gallery, pleasant to the user’s views. I added a scroll to the top button to facilitate user navigation. All of my websites are made with the idea of making it easy for the client and its target audience.

Asia – Travel Site by Javi Webs

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