Project Info

Sunshine Pools

Miami Swimming Pool Contractor


The Goal

The goal was to redesign and organize their old website into a brand new and modern one. All projects in the old website were posted randomly in every pages and that was taking a lot of unnecessary space and loading time for the web. We came up with a solution to make the website fast and look pretty with all information that needed to be displayed on their page.

The Client

Sunshine Pools and Contracting is a pool contractor located in Florida. They have been servicing the area of Miami since 1989 when they first came from Cuba. The founder established Sunshine Pools and Contracting and started building pools for family homes all over the city. Today they are widely recognized.
Sunshine Pools And Contracting Group


A fully responsive website, ready to be looked at from any device. Worked hard to keep the website at a fast loading speed time. The website has tons of pictures fully optimized and lazy loading all over to keep it fast and avoid losing customers for long wait times.

Services Page and Layout

Sunshine Pools Services Page shows its visitors the different types of services they offer. The client wanted a clean layout that would display as you scroll. This was a good decision since it would also help reduce the total load time of the page. Everything will load as you scroll enriching the user navigation experience

Sunshine Pools Services

Portfolio Page and Layout

Their portfolio shows a list of pools constructed by Sunshine Pools. Made with a gallery layout and a loop. This way if the client wants to upload the new picture build himself he can by just uploading the images. The layout is already made so it only will take a few clicks. Making the website easier for my clients to keep and maintain their own content

Sunshine Pools Portfolio

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