Project Info

Suany OG Art

Miami Abstract Artist


The Goal

The goal of this website was to create an online showcase of art and the story of a Miami artist that started from the bottom. We added a store where she can modify its content dynamically and with a few clicks, she can upload new content and products to her website. The artist currently takes care of her website and she is able to make all changes by herself.

The Client

Suany is a Miami Artist. She makes her own pieces with acrylic, oil, imagination, and inspiration .She wanted a website to show her art and blog posts. People are really interested in her art so an art shop was the go to for her project. If you are looking for custom made art, here you have a great artist and person
Suany OG Art


The website is a small store webshop where the client displays and sells their own paintings and crafts. Several pages were added to separate the items by categories, all pages have a widget to show the items by price, name, and time making it easy for the visitors to find a painting or craft that best adjusts to them.

Accessories Page Dynamic Layout

An e-commerce store for this client was made to her liking. She owns an art shop and with this website is able to display her art separated by categories in a dynamic way. Search filters are hardcoded. And her galleries are displayed in an organized and consistent way

Accessories Suanyogart

Original Page Shop

This is her original paintings page. Like said before .her art is displayed dynamically and divided into pages according to item categories. This website was so well made that our client has been the one adding products to her gallery since the beginning. Made easy so you can also have control of your website and know what is going on with your design.

Original Paintings Suanyogart

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