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Little Bunny Box

Babies eCommerce Website


The Goal

Little Bunny Box is a is a one-page product online shop made to catch the attention of the audience on the first page. The website has dynamic content meaning that if the owner wants to create a new item or a new blog entry, she just needs to upload the content and the layout will update a form automatically.

The Client

This website was made with the purpose of helping other moms go through the first 12 months of their little bunny as easily as possible. The boxes offer every item a baby might need in his/her first 0-12 months. The boxes are ideal as a gift for moms at baby showers, gender reveals, or just to have a nice little detail with your little incoming baby.
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Little Bunny Box is a one-page product website with a clean design and easy to understand. I added the popup menu to give the wow factor to the website and also make more focus on the product offered, that is the whole point of a one-page product website. The website shows every little detail of the product being offered and even has a coupon system to increase organic sales.

Surprise Box for our baby boys

A full-width section to make the design of the whole page follow a certain pattern. This section is responsive for all devices and all browsers. The secondary color of the website was used for the buttons and dividers of the content. All the images are full width in every section, this creates a separation between different content and makes it more readable and appealing to the visitor.

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