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House Opportunity

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The Goal

Several clients had asked them for their website before to get an insight into their job and check their quality and trust. Well, we have developed that website for them. Using a color palette of grey gold and dark to give the website an expensive and sophisticated look for their clients, achieving the goal that they wanted with this project.

The Client

House Opportunity is the online home of a Tampa Home Buyers company. They buy properties in the market, remodel the property and the offers the property to a new family that will get a beautiful remodeled new home.
House Opportunity Tampa Home Buyers


After following client requirements and specifications, we ended up with a beautiful responsive and dynamic website that will generate leads for them and serve as their company's professional online presence. More to come soon

A dynamic Properties page

For a Tampa home buyers page, we needed to create a dynamic portfolio that would show all of their work on one page to facilitate their client navigation and avoid cluttering the home page with a lot of projects.

House Opportunity Listed Properties

Before and after galleries

For their dynamic gallery to create a before and after of each property, we created two separate galleries that the user just has to click in order to switch through them. Some information about the property is displayed on top as well as similar projects are displayed at the end of the page.

821 Patricia Ave Dunedin House Opportunity

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