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Exotic Pool Design

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The Goal

Their website’s objective is to showcase their work to their clients, to open a window for better communications with their clients since it offers a way to communicate through the website, and the ability for clients to design their own pool. As always website is fully responsive and dynamic content is all over the website to facilitate content display and layouts updates.

The Client

Exotic Pool Design is a pool contractor located in Florida. They cover the area of Lehigh and Fort Meyers in Florida. They have done some exceptional work so the client got an exceptional website. They have been in the industry for over 15 years and their experience in shown in their portfolio.
Exotic Pool Design Pool Contractor


The result is a clean, easy-to-understand website with its own identity. The owner wanted to have a feature little seen on the pool contractors' website. That's why I added the design of your own pool program, to make it unique. This creates a wow factor and also shows the area where they are most active. I also used their own photography to create an authentic feeling.

You can design your own pool

The client liked the proposed idea of giving users the ability to design their own pool through their website, this is a good approach and will speed up the workflow since you will already have an idea of what your client is looking for in their pool and you can go from there. The app is responsive and works well on any device. The user gets a visual representation of their pool by looking at the images selected.

Pool Design Exotic Pool Design

About the Company

The service page keeps the same layout as the other pages to keep a consistent wavy feeling throughout the website. All text and images have been aligned with the same width columns and they all keep the same consistent layout distribution between text and images. We are letting the client know what we do and the website transmits a trust and reliability vibe.

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