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Bluepointe Pools and Spas

Miami Swimming Pool Contractor


The Goal

They wanted their website to persuade people into getting a pool for their new home. We decided to cover the section with images of people enjoying a swimming pool to create that sense and impulse the lead. This is the landing page that will be used for their marketing team.

The Client

Bluepointe Pools and Spas is an upcoming Miami swimming pool contractor that needed help creating a brand new website for their company to be found on search engines. The company does all types of swimming pool installations including renders, 3D, backyard designs and more.
Bluepointe pools and spa - BluePointe Pools and Spa - NEW-min


Beautiful and clean layout using the same color combination as the logo respecting the color hierarchy. Mobile responsive and ready for different platforms and screen sizes. Modern website design.

Pool Design Services

One of their most visited services pages is the pool design page. Beautiful design that showcases the expertise of the company when designing high-standard swimming pools. This website design uses company colors along with beautiful images which makes this pool contractor website a beauty to look at.

Pool Design - BluePointe Pools and Spa-min

Pool Portfolio

What is a pool business website without a proper swimming pool portfolio? We have beautifully designed a single portfolio page to showcase all projects. This page consists of a dynamic gallery for designs and construction that shows the end work this company can do for you.

Portfolio - BluePointe Pools and Spa-min

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